Artists Statement

As the first pencil strokes glide across the canvas, a remarkable transformation occurs. The artwork springs to life, seemingly aware of the profound journey it finds itself on, all the while guided by a force that has now breathed life into its own existence.

In the process of this creation, an intriguing phenomenon unfolds, beyond conscious control. Something mysterious takes over, leaving me without free will as I progress into an ethereal state. With an unbridled flow, the brush dances effortlessly across the surface, orchestrating a symphony of colours and forms.

My ultimate intention is to craft a timeless work of art, one that transcends the boundaries of time and space. A composition that yearns to remind viewers of the intangible and inexplicably profound aspects that extend beyond our individual selves.

I aim to produce something emotive, an element that draws one into the artwork, an immersive experience. An intense absorption that touches a person deep within, like the poignant words of a poem or the soul-stirring lyrics to a song, a glimpse into the soul of an artist.

~Martin J Day~

Martin J Day Artist
Martin J Day Artist